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Μια διαίρεση με το μηδεν.

Feb. 17th, 2005 07:14 pm It is over


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Feb. 17th, 2005 03:54 pm Wow! for WoW

Man, I haven't had time to post just because of World of Warcraft. This game rulez (Ha! let me hear me saying that 2 months from now...*sigh*)
I've created my first character and then had to trash him because all my friends moved to the other RP server ARGH! Ok, that sucked but I'm starting to like the new character even more. Rogue Engineer Troll, (I wanted to play a goblin but noooooo) Trolls rock however and I need to learn to talk like a Jamaican mon.
Only problem is, there isn't as much RP as I would like. I hope this is remedied as I advance in level.

Other than that, I haven't been doing much these days, except yesterday when I went to the movies to see The Grudge...man let me tell you something about annoying audience. I felt I was back at kindergarten! It's one thing to have one loud person in the room and another to be the only one quiet. I mean, it was a GOD DAMN THRILLER and people were laughing at all the scary scenes. It really ruins the mood :(
The move didn't impress me too much btw, it had some script holes I didn't like. (Such as the zombified Yoko. What's up with that?)
I saw my friends after a long time as well.

I'm getting disappointed with the relationship as well :( I think I'm going to bring this to a finish be that bad or good. I just can't take the psychological pressure anymore. I mean, I'm playing WoW and wondering why she's acting that way. :(
She also played a scene on me where she would be calling by 8 and didn't and then, just to check I called her by midnight (without caller id) and when she answered I heard voices as if she was out, then I called her house and she didn't answer. The other day she told me she was sick and stayed all day inside and that her phone doesn't ring. I don't know which of us is stupid here...

I've left linux fall by the wayside though, too bad WoW doesn't have a linux client :( that would be awesome. I have to reboot every time I come and leave.

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Current Music: Dark Saga - Iced Earth

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Feb. 14th, 2005 11:14 am Compile Damn You!

Back at work and bored.
Sunday was BORING! I sat all day and watched South Park, and pretty soon I won't have any more South Park to watch (but luckily there are other stuff).
At the end of the day a friend called me to play some Warlord. Crom! it's been so long, and the rest of the day went smoothly (I lost a lot though, my edge is off)

Around 5:30 I decided to call the gf but she was sleeping. She said she's call back. She didn't.

Today, at work I was reminded that I was supposed to attend the company's Gala (or whatever they call them) that I had forgotten entirely, ugh. Luckily they didn't press the issue...too much.

So now I'm at work and waiting for my gentoo install to finish. Well, to be precise the install IS complete, but I'm waiting for KDE to compile and it's taking forever. I expect it to last at least 2 days straight. I made a mistake saturday and the config crashed so I had to start all over again...grrr.

Watched an amusing flamewar on the Audioscrobbler forums, over female masturbation. One guy was owned :) That cheered me up.

Nothing else to do, looks like it's going to be a slow day. I'm anxious to see if she's call, but other than that I'm bored. I'm starting to surf too much again, I hope they don't audit me.

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Feb. 12th, 2005 08:44 pm Damn it! I want my WoW

Argh! I knew it, I just knew it!
WoW wasn't available today, the copies will arrive on Monday...typical. If it is ever possible that Blizzard gave only 2000 copies to Greece. I mean FFS this is the MOST expected game of the season and they can't even get it right. I'm dissapointed really :(
Oh well, I guess I'll give Bloodlines a try again. I hope I can endure the crappy fps or find another way to fix them.

I saw some South Park today, the episode where they become Ninjas is just incredibly sweet! Kenny and Butters OWN! Fun!

GF called today. It seems hell must have frozen over... *roll eyes*. She sounded sweet though.

Just came back from coffee with a friend, talked linux and got excited. I really should participate in some project. I need to get out today as well, I hope Elt is in the mood.

Other good news is that the patent law has left the voting altogether, that's very exciting. A weight has been lifted.

All in all, things seem to be turning for the better and my optimism has returned as well...aaah.

Current Mood: energeticenergetic
Current Music: Veni, Vidi, Vici - Virgin Steele

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Feb. 12th, 2005 01:20 am Better but not so well

Yesterday was Ok I guess, I finally played a game of Chronopia and managed to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. I mean I had only 3 models left on the board in the end while the others had half their army. The game was "Capture the Hill" 3 players ffa with a 5 turn limit. Whoever controlled the hill at the end gained extra points. After we decided who captured the hill and calculated the other guys points, just for the record, I asked them to calculate my points as well. Imagine our surprise when the other guy announced "Shit, you've won" Much laughter ensued :)

On other news, I decided not to write about the sentimental stuff on the public log. I just don't feel comfortable.

Today I've been trying to set up Gentoo at a pc at work and I left it compiling the whole kde. I expect it running till monday and then some. I like it though. All this compiling and system-optimization is sweet. If it works well I think I'll put it at my own system (I've already made room)

I've fixes the buggy partition as well...by the rough method. Delete/Format/Restore. Mp3z are back in place and amaroK is rocking :)

Tomorrow I expect to get WoW. I was lucky to get a preorder. Everything was booked and I found a store with 10 preorder copies left for Saturday. Lucky me :) I hope it will take my mind off the relationship hardships at least although I fear I may grow bored of it as I did Eve online. I bought the collector's edition too, I wanted something from the WC universe to remind me of my past.

Need to finish tidying up the room sometime.

Hah! As I was writing, Kensha/Tasos showed up on ICQ. I haven't seen that soul for MANY years...

Current Mood: okayokay
Current Music: Travel In Stygian - Iced Earth

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Feb. 9th, 2005 08:54 pm Lets do this

So, here I am putting my first journal entry.
I don't really know for how long I'll be able to continue doing this since I am famous for my short attention span :(
Anyway, I've never tried keeping a journal, a paper one that is, so this will probably suck. Nevertheless, I have decided to try it out and see where it takes me, you never know...


GOD DAMNIT! Why oh-fuckin'-why can't I have a normal relationship that stays in the normal status for more than 3 months?! We have been hanging by a thread for a month now and she completely grounded me just as I was starting to fall in love! :(
I hate this. Now she makes my life hell by not caring (or at least seems that way) at all. And of course I'm just miserable. I don't want to go out, I don't want to see my friends, I don't want to play games, all I want is to stay in and sulk...and maybe watch a South Park episode or something.
How did I end like this? I was always optimistic but she's been ruining me for a month and I can't do anything damnit. I still want to be with her :( I can't even stay angry (well, that's not news at least)!
Still, if she keeps it up, I'll probably break sooner or later and end it. We came close last Saturday but she decided to call after a week went by and I finally sent her a bitter-sms.
And what does she do? She doesn't even care to see me. "I'm tired" she says. Well fuck that! If you were in fuckin' love you wouldn't care about that! DAMNIT!

So here I am, with nothing better to do than write this journal and listen to Tool...hmmm, I should switch to something more lively.
I guess I should boot into Linux and fix that mount that is causing all those segmentation faults but on the other hand maybe I should go play a game. I have Bloodlines for two weeks now and I barely even played it...this is SO unlike me. But I'm bored and bloodlines annoys me as hell when it drops down to 10 FPS on the streets even though I bought a new GFX card just to play new games...major letdown (bloodlines, not my card)

Funny thing is how much I've been hooked to audioscrobbler, which incidentally led me to Live Journal as well. I just listen to music and watch my listing update...sad isn't it? I should be out playing warlord or something.

At least yesterday was nice. I went to my sister's BF house and we got into technical stuff (set up my first linux proxy, WEE). Sadly my sister got bored as a result.
Job's going well too. Today was busy so I didn't surf da net as much, but time passed much faster as well. I hope they don't make me fill those time schedules again.

So, anyway. I think I'll close this now. I'll check that linux plugin for LJ probably and see what it does.

Current Mood: moodymoody

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